Things I Found Friday: #3

Five new finds from this week:

Chalkboard paint under an overpass with some inspirational wishes from nearby students.

Still loving this mural and community garden along side one of my favorite coffee shops.

Iron butterflies in an artistically designed planter box.

This mural panel installation on the SEPTA Substation East Passyunk in Philadelphia from Donna Backhues, which depicts the progress of South Philadelphia from the 1700s to today. Personally, I think it is more of a reflection of immigration to the city from then 'till now. There are supposed to be five panels, but only four have been installed. Funding problems as usual.

And this adorable/creepy cherub with two fish? I passed this before and was always a bit confused about it. It is part of a concrete staircase that must have had some meaning before and got lost in transition.

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